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Washington Restaurants For Sale, WA

  • Full-service Restaurant & Bar
    Location: WA Price: 986000
    This Is A Full-service Restaurant And Bar Located In A Small Friendly Community, And Is Featured As One Of The
  • Hand Crafted Micro Brewery-pub-pizzeria W/ 2 Locations
    Location: WA Price: 690000
    This Is A Pizzeria Business That Doubles As A Micro Brewery And Has 2 Locations. It Was Established In 2003 And Purchased By The Current Owners In 2013. Since Purchasing This Business They Have Remode
  • Seafood & Steak Restaurant #183
    Location: WA Price: 1300000
    This Is A Independently Owned Seafood Restaurant Know For Its Signature Dishes, And High Quality Menu Choices Of Seafood, Steaks, Pastas, Soups, Desserts, Beers And Wine. The Company Provides A Spacious Dining Area Along With A Drive-through Window, Delivery, And Catering Services. The Restaurant Holds An Excellent Reputation For Providing Fresh Food, High-quality Service, Competitive Prices, And An Authentic Menu Choice. The Business Is Located In A Charming Community Of Southwest Washing
  • Bar With Restaurant 0136
    Location: WA Price: 196,000
    This Business Is Unique Because It Is The Only Bar With A Restaurant Within 35 Miles. The Current Owners Have Invested Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Improvements, Including A Redesigned Layout And Renovated Kitchen. They Have Also Added A Beer Garden In The Back. It Is Built Alongside A Creek Creating An Atmosphere Where Patrons Can Hear The Trickling Water As They Enjoy A Drink Or Dinner. Total Assets Include $5,000 Of Inventory, $7,000 Of Equipment, Fixtures, And Furnishings, And Building An
  • Catering & Cafe Business 0117
    Location: WA Price: 49,500
    This Is An Upscale And Attractive Catering Business With Café In A Prominent Location In Beautiful Northwest Washington. Over Two Decades In The Food Service Industry, Knowledge Of Special-needs Diets

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