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Vodka Manufacturer & Distributor for Sale $1,500,000

Business Location: NJ

Business Description

This Company Is The First And Only Premium Coconut Distilled Vodka Manufacturer, Distributor And Exporter With Production Facilities Located In The Philippines, Which Is The Second Largest Coconut Producer And Number One Coconut Exporter In The World. the Company Was Incorporated In The Philippines In 2005 With A Mission To Create Innovative Premium Brands Of Philippine Wines And Spirits For The Global Consumer. Since Then, The Company Has Evolved From A Boutique Brand Owner To A Full-service Provider Of Private Label Alcohol Beverages To Licensors And Retailers. its Vision Is To Become A Key Player In The Philippine Wines And Spirits Industry And Leading Purveyor Of Coconut-based Alcohol Beverages. Its Current Portfolio Includes: A Premium Vodka, The World’s First Premium Vodka Distilled From Coconut And Haliya Light Fruit Wines In Mango And Black Plum Variants.

Business Type: Independent

Business Started: 2005

# of Employees: 24 FT

Gross: $1,660,000

Net: $174,659



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